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When I decided to become a pro, I didn’t want to make pretty pictures with perfect poses. Life is messy, it’s crazy, and entirely too short. The upside: poignant moments. I wanted to capture it all – as long as it was real. If a picture is worth a thousand words, I have written a few novels in a short time. Most of my life, words have failed me. They never seemed to be enough. Letters on a page couldn’t encapsulate the feeling of love, the pain of loss, or even what it means to be content. With pictures I can communicate in ways words have never been capable.

I restarted this blog post several times… trying to find the right words to honor a friend. I struggled until I realized why I wanted to become a photographer. The pictures would tell the story.

I first met Dawn in the summer of 2011. She contacted me to do newborn pics of Jack. We bonded over sushi …and she really LOVES sushi. Of course, while pregnant, she had to avoid it. But a few weeks after Jack’s birth, she was prepared to have the raw stuff.

  While we swished our wasabi into soy, we talked about life love and sushi.

Every few months, I’d get an email from Dawn to capture her family as it blossomed. They were always ready to try something crazy. Remember Jack’s 5-month-old pics? Yes – that’s Dawn totally rocking it in a bathtub.


Fast forward a few months …Jack was going to be a big brother. At 25 weeks, Dawn was diagnosed with breast cancer. But that didn’t slow her down. After arriving to shoot Charlie, I was confronted with a new Dawn (pun intended). She was strengthened by the experience fully prepared to kick cancers ass.

And that’s why I love Dawn and her whole family. They are so brave! She started her chemotherapy with a Mohawk. And she still has an amazing sense of humor. The last time I saw her, she greeted me by bouncing against the window with her tongue stuck out. 

  In her words, “…stand up, raise your head, look for the humor, and laugh your ass off. It really is the only choice because…the alternative sucks.”

Please visit her blog! I promise, you will be moved by the strength and perseverance of the human spirit!

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