wedding for warriors 2013 – masuka and eric – sneak peek

You may remember Melissa and Sean from Wedding for Warriors (WFW) in 2012.  The experience compelled me to come back for a second year.  Well, Jim and Becky Byous, with their loyal volunteers, wowed me again.  I cannot thank them enough for the time and effort they put into orchestrating the details. For those who have planned a wedding, think about the effort and multiply that by 20!

If you’re unfamiliar with WFW, they give away free weddings to military service men and women. I’m often asked how I got involved in WFW. In 2009, my sister-in-law married her fiance with the justice of peace because her husband’s orders came for Afghanistan. This coincided with a friend’s son also serving in Iraq. Like many with relatives or friends deployed overseas, I searched for ways to send care packages and to give some small comfort to those who have sacrificed so much. I looked into sending care packages to anonymous soldiers; but because of mailing restrictions, this wasn’t allowed. Frustrated, I felt there had to be something more I could do. And that’s where serendipity stepped in. Stumbling upon WFW, I remembered the excitement I felt when submitting the application. Leaving the reception last night, I felt I was in the right place… and it felt good – really good.

Now – let me introduce you to my couple for 2013. Masuka is a beautiful bride with a striking resemblance to Blake Lively. Eric is a dashing airman with a hint of mischief. Together, they have two adorable and rambunctious sons. I felt privileged while capturing this vow renewal and all its tender moments. Congratulations Masuka and Eric!


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  • Dianne Hayes Doss - I think my friend, Gina (the photographer behind Red Coat Media), is SO COOL for donating her time and energy to Wedding for Warriors.

  • Jaimi Baker Rickelman - Beautiful! I had great fun with them and you yesterday!

  • Rebecca Harrison Byous - Jaimi, Thank you so much for all your hard work on this year’s Weddings For Warriors. You went from being one of our brides last year to working hard to make a great event for other brides. From the wedding gown try-on, to the rehearsal, to “Ground Zero” & First Baptist Church yesterday and through the entire reception you worked tirelessly. Thanks so much! And—you’ve shared some great images, too. We appreciate you!

  • Rebecca Harrison Byous - Gina—just beautiful—-can’t wait to see more. This was the sweetest couple and we were so pleased to have the Air Force on board. We had all branches represented at one event for the very first time!

  • Jaimi Baker Rickelman - thanks Becky, It was my pleasure. anytime you need anything just let me know. Keep me busy while Marks gone lol

  • April Cantrell - These are beautiful! Your pictures captured my cousin and his gorgeous wife just perfectly!

  • Pamela H. Goodrum - Jaimi! These are Beautiful! I had the TIME OF MY LIFE!!! Each year gets better and better! Take care and let us hear your baby news!

  • Joy Knowles - Wonderful!

  • Masuka Tekin Hanson - This is beyond beautiful Gina Nguyen.Thank you so much!

  • Masuka Tekin Hanson - Thank You for everything Jaimi!

  • Gina Nguyen - Thank you! I cannot wait to deliver the rest of the images! :)

  • Gina Nguyen - They are such a sweet and beautiful couple. Love them. I look forward to sharing more images in the near future. :)

  • Gina Nguyen - Wedding for Warriors is an amazing organization!

  • Gina Nguyen - Your cousin and wife are absolutely wonderful.

  • April Cantrell - They are pretty great!! :)

  • Jaimi Baker Rickelman - no problem @[580674585:2048:Masuka Tekin Hanson] it was my pleasure and you looked beautiful.

  • rich - Beautifully captured for a couple that truly deserves great work like yours!

  • Chris Fawkes - Lovely images, great stuff.

  • Erika - Gorgeous! And such a great cause. Well done.

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