Marriage, Photography, and fly fishing

Well, this is my first of hopefully many posts to come.  An introduction seems in order. I am the lesser half of RedCoat Media with Gina as the driving force behind it all.   This all started when I took up fly fishing.  Gina and I were dating and, much to my chagrin, she didn’t seem interested in the sport   I wanted us both to be involved in something and I didn’t particularly want to give up my obsession.  I suggested casually she take up photography.  This way, I could fish and she could take pictures of me fishing.  It sounded great in my head anyway.   After a decent camera (a Canon 40D) was acquired,  we ventured out into the wilderness of North Georgia.  We went up to the Chatooga river.  The Conesega. The Amicalola.  You get the idea.  Two months and one thousand three hundred twenty two images later of water, trees and… me holding fish, she got sick of the same old thing.  I tried to explain this was marriage but, you know how this story ends.

If you know Gina, you are familiar with her constant state of motion.  She is always doing something and that something is always getting better and better.  She wanted to achieve meaning with  photography.   As a result, Redcoat Media was born.  Although just beginning, RM has begun to take on it’s own personality, capturing people as they really are.  We decided if we were going to do this , it had to be real.  We didn’t want to produce the same old thing.   So far I think we’re doing well.  Please drop us a line and let us know. Thanks for reading.





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